Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Catwalk Shop....

This weekend Oli took me to what he calls the catwalk shop. When i asked him why he calls it that he explained that there was a long runway type space when you walk into the shop so you can catwalk down it!!! He's French what can i say?!?

So the catwalk shop is called Ekseption and is an international boutique on Calle Velazquez. It's a multi-brand store stocking all the big names & must have items for each season. It kind of reminds me of Wade Smith in its heyday (reference for all you Scousers reading this!)

Victoria Beckham personally promoted her dVb jeans collection here in 2008. I guess she was probably a regular at this shop whilst she lived in the city when Becks played at Real Madrid!!

So which items in there do i wish for the most?! Well i am lusting after the beautiful Proenza Schouler PSi medium suede bag and the rocking Chloe Susanna studded boots!!

Studs & satchels have been massive trends recently. However sadly my budget won't stretch to these so i'll be buying into versions from Aldo & Zatchels....

Happy shopping guys xx


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